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Can you identify this Plymouth school?

It’s back to school for many, so we thought this topic would be a good one to jog some memories! Not one, but two photographs this time. They were catalogued consecutively, which means they are likely to be the same school – but you can never be too sure! Our volunteer Madeleine had a look at these two photographs but […]

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Plymouth Seafront – can you date this photo?

We continue our series of photo mysteries with this rather lovely photograph of Plymouth seafront. It looks like the crowds are out making the most of the weather – though there don’t appear to be many in the sea, so perhaps it was too early for that! We don’t have a date for this particular photograph so […]

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First mystery solved… Devonport Mechanics Insitute

This photograph caused some interest in our office last week! It was catalogued as the interior of Devonport Guildhall, but our volunteer Madeleine was not convinced! Quite a bit of detective work followed, looking into various suggestions including whether it could have been Devonport Library. The racking and filing didn’t look like it was part of a library though. […]

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