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Behind The Scenes, 3 May 2018: Lots of condition checking

by Val Grant, Collections Assistant with thanks to Terah Walkup, Art Curator The hard work is continuing behind the scenes as we prepare our collections for the move to The Box. Staff are condition checking the permanent collections that will go into the galleries that are being developed for The Box. Myself and our other Collections […]

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Decant Day, 21 December 2016: Light at the end of the tunnel

by Fiona Booth, Digital Engagement Officer Since my last update in early December so much work has been undertaken with the Museum decant. We can now finally say that all the collections that needed to be out the building and moved to our offsite store have gone! Huge congratulations are in order for all the […]

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Decant Day, 7 December 2016: Making more progress with Momart

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer We’ve only got a couple weeks left until the decant of the Museum and Art Gallery is due to be completed. Time certainly flies when you’re busy and it only seems like yesterday since we were getting ready to close our building let alone empty it! Staff and […]

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Decant Day, 12 October 2016: Our Clare Twomey commission comes down

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer The decant of the Museum and Art Gallery’s former public spaces is moving at pace and some of our most iconic works are now being packed up ready for safe storage. One of the first is ‘Plymouth Porcelain: A New Collection’ by Clare Twomey which has been decanted […]

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Decant Day, 14 September 2016: Packing with the Public

by Lottie Clark, Art Curator Those of you who ventured into the Museum and Art Gallery in the last months before we closed would have noticed a hive of activity taking place in our ‘It’s A Wrap!’ exhibition. The reason for this is that we were lucky enough to have a dedicated area set aside […]

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