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Reynolds, his achievements and legacy

In the final post of this series, Lawrie looks at Reynolds in the height of fame, his achievements and his legacy. She will also look at the self-portrait by James Northcote, who was both a pupil of Reynolds and the writer of a biography of Reynolds. Finally, some information about Plymouth’s acquisition of the early […]

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Reynolds on the Grand Tour

The following post is based on an Art Bite talk given at the Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery. It was given by Lawrie Thorne, who has carried out research into Reynolds’ early years up until the 1750s. We follow as Reynolds is about to begin the Grand Tour. In 1749 Commodore Keppel in the […]

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Reflecting on Cornish life – Portrait of Jack Clemo by Lionel Miskin

The following has been written by Rachel Wright, volunteer on the ‘In the Frame’ project who has researched Portrait of Jack Clemo by Lionel Miskin. As just one of a series of portraits of Jack Clemo in a variety of mediums, this oil painting represents the marriage of two cornerstones of Cornish cultural history.  Following […]

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In the Frame conservation work

By Alison Cooper, Curator of Decorative Art As we draw closer to the opening of the ‘In the Frame’ exhibition and as the final selection of works for the show has been made, we are now looking at the conservation work required for the exhibition. Each work has undergone a brief assessment so that we […]

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Insight into Sir Joshua Reynolds’ sketchbook

By Paul Willis, Curator of Fine Art The following article is based on an Art Bite talk given at the Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery on Wednesday 3 September 2014 The Sir Joshua Reynolds sketchbook recently acquired by Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery (PCM&AG), dates from his travels in Italy in the early […]

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Reynolds, London and the Hudson connection

Laurie Thorne continues to look at Reynolds’ early life. Previously we learned that Reynolds’ wish was to train with a renowned artist, and Lawrie now looks at Reynolds’ life after he moves to London. In October 1740 aged 17 years he arrived in London to begin a four year training in the studio of the […]

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