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Decant Day, 13 April 2016: Spring Progress Report

By Steve Conway, Decant Officer Is it me or is spring in the air?  All the signs are there:  the daffodils, the buds on trees, the sparrows nesting in the eaves of my roof.  And yet 60 mph winds battered the South West at the weekend, while a friend of mine in Cardiff posted a […]

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Decant Day, 30 March 2016: ‘Off The Shelf’ at the British Museum

By Lottie Clark, Decant Curator Being involved in the Museum Decant doesn’t always mean packing boxes! We also have to stay connected to what the sector is up to and keep abreast of new trends and changes to practice and policy. Through this we can find out what other institutions are doing to combat certain […]

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Decant Day, 16 March 2016: Volunteer Packing Sessions

By Lottie Clark, Decant Curator You heard from our Decant Officer Steve in our last blog post, so it seemed only fair for me to introduce myself too as the other new member of the Decant Team here at the City Museum and Art Gallery! So, hello everyone I’m Lottie and, as Steve mentioned, one […]

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Decant Day, 2 March 2016: And so it begins…

By Steve Conway, Decant Officer Things are beginning to come together at last. In January, after many months of discussions and diplomacy, we signed the lease on our temporary offsite store. This means that the packing and movement plans I’ve been working on since I started in October can now be put into action. This […]

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