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Suffrage plaque unveiled outside College of Art

PRESS RELEASE - 13 December 2018: Almost 100 years to the day since women voted in a General Election for the first time (December 14, 1918), a new blue plaque highlighting the location of two venues linked to the women’s suffrage movement of the early 1900s has been unveiled outside Plymouth College of Art.

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Museum On Tour, 9 May 2018: Maker Memories #2

by Tony Davey, Learning Development Officer ‘Maker Memories’ is a community project that aims to capture the rich and diverse heritage of Maker Camp in South East Cornwall at a time when things for the venue are really changing. When we were getting ready to close the Museum and Art Gallery and considering which projects […]

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ICE 200: Tamar Bridge Photograph

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Institution of Civil Engineers. One of our most recognisable feats of civil engineering is the Tamar Bridge. This fantastic black and white photograph from the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office shows it being built at the start of the 1960s.

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ICE 200: Smeaton’s Tower Poster

Plymouth is home to a number of pioneering structures. One of the most well-known is Smeaton’s Tower. This red and blue screen-printed poster of Smeaton’s Tower was acquired for our collections in 2014. It’s one of a series of posters entitled 'Plymouth's Most Spectacular Skyscrapers' created by Joshua Blackwell.

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Museum On Tour, 17 January 2018: Plymouth After Dark #2

by Tony Davey, Learning Development Officer ‘Plymouth After Dark’ is an exciting four year outreach project exploring the range of activities that take place across the city at night. We launched it last year with a 1960’s themed event that some of you may remember! Our aim is to capture peoples’ memories, collect objects to […]

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