Project development

What's been achieved so far?

  • The Heritage Lottery Fund has committed £15.8 million to the project
  • Arts Council England has committed £4.2 million
  • The Coastal Communities Fund has committed £2 million
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation has committed £250,000
  • The University of Plymouth has committed £150,000
  • The Wolfson Foundation has committed £128,000
  • Arts Council England has committed £4.1 million revenue funding for the years 2018 – 2022
  • Building and construction work has now commenced on The Box site and a ‘Museum On Tour’ programme is under way in a range of venues and locations across Plymouth and beyond.


May 2014
Successful Round 1 bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for £12.8 million

September 2014
Appointment of key staff and consultant teams

January 2014
New Library plans agreed

October 2014
Atkins, one of the world’s leading design, engineering and project management firms, appointed to oversee the architectural and technical design for the building

April 2015
Award-winning exhibition designers, Event Communications, appointed to lead the development of the content

June 2015
Joint Library and History Centre consultations

Consultation in a pop up shop

Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016
More public consultation around Plymouth and beyond

January 2016
Successful Round 1 bid to Arts Council England (ACE) for £4.2 million

February 2016
Decant of the Museum and Art Gallery begins behind-the-scenes

March 2016
Planning application submitted

Councillors gathered around History Centre plansMarch 2016
The Central Library relocated to a new location in the city centre. It can now be found on the corner of Mayflower Street and Armada Way

April 2016
Round 2 bid submission to HLF

May 2016
Round 2 bid submission to ACE

June 2016
Planning permission granted

July 2016
Wolfson Foundation funding (£128,000) secured and Building Contractors appointed

August 2016
HLF Round 2 funding secured

Closing the museum doorsSeptember 2016
The City Museum and Art Gallery closed its building and moved its collections to a secure offsite store

October 2016
ACE Round 2 funding secured

January 2017
Official ground breaking ceremony takes place and construction work begins

March 2017
Garfield Weston Foundation funding secured (£250,000)

June 2017

Arts Council England recognises the national role for The Box and awards £4.1m revenue funding spread over the 4 years 2018 – 2022

Major construction contract for £22.6 million is signed with award-winning construction and regeneration firm, Willmott Dixon. Construction work has begun, due to complete in late summer 2019

July 2017
The Box is revealed as the new name for what had been provisionally entitled the Plymouth History Centre