Wallpaper design: ‘Mobiles’ in black/lemon by SandersonCouncil House, Armada Way, Plymouth PL1 2AA
(this is the building to the left of the Civic Centre,
opposite the Crown Court)

Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm
Closed Sundays and bank holidays

Come and see a vision of the country from 60 years ago as we explore the history of post-war design in this nationally touring exhibition organised by Compton Verney.

The 1950s was a time when Britain emerged from a period of austerity and rationing after the Second World War.

Following the groundbreaking Festival of Britain of 1951, design played a crucial role in shaping our ‘Brave New World’.

A photograph of a metallic green Vespa from the 1950sAs Britain began to modernise itself and become more prosperous, it led the world with the quality and innovation of its decorative and applied arts. Leading artists became household names and good design became affordable.

This exhibition looks at all aspects of 1950s design, both inside and outside the home, with a diverse range of objects including furnishings, fabrics, ceramics, cutlery, magazines, machinery and the iconic Vespa.

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