Jem Southam ImageThe Levinsky Gallery
Roland Levinsky Building
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Plymouth PL4 8AA

10am to 5pm Monday to Friday
11am to 4pm Saturday


This is a partnership exhibition delivered by The Arts Institute and The Box, Plymouth

See work by one of the UK’s leading photographers in this exhibition by Jem Southam, who was Professor of Photography at the University of Plymouth until 2018.

Nature writing has been going through a renaissance in Britain with birds, butterflies, streams, pastures, moors, beaches and seas filling many bookshop shelves and the pages of critical reviews. These themes have also flourished within the visual arts, especially fine art and photography.

Throughout his career Jem Southam has contributed enormously to this field with a series of photographic works that explore the landscape. This exhibition is a chance for you to see, for the very first time, a number of studies he’s made whilst travelling and walking.

Jem South Exhibition - Lead Image

Roosting Wagtails looks up into a plane tree in the centre of Exeter where pied wagtails spend the winter nights.

After the First Flood is a series of pictures made of the materials brought down by river flood and knotted about the stems of riverbank plants.

The Wintery Heavens show the winter dawn light on a pool of swans, geese and ducks on the River Exe.

For Gannets and Other Seabirds he visits key nesting colonies around Britain and Ireland.

As well as reflecting on 300 years of natural history studies in Britain, this exhibition also highlights the endless possibilities of photography itself. The works you see on display were made with a wide variety of cameras and capture systems, while the prints vary from tiny framed contact prints to large wall-mounted sheets.

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